After more than two decades of rocking dance floors and a case load of releases and remixes on a plethora of labels, Darc Marc has carved an indelible name for himself as a DJ and producer of some of the finest techno to come from the UK.

But his appeal isn’t limited to his domestic audience; by releasing on labels Purenoise, Stay Up Forever, Cluster, Maximum Minimum, Working Vinyl, Carnage, Technik, Gazole, Highway 46, Lifeform Recordings, Subvert, Rough Diamond, R.A.W. BR 909, Wemoodswing and Beetroot Records among others, Marc has established a fan base of listeners worldwide.

In 1991 Marc began his DJ career, inspired by the rave explosion in the UK at the time, before going on to create his own club night called Impact that ran for the next three years.

London calling in '98 after relocating from Devon, Marc started playing on underground squat party sounds systems like Underground Sound, Manic, Malafaiteurs, Stinky Pink, Sonic Section 63, Hackney Sounds and E1S.

In 2000 he created Purenoise, a dedicated techno record label unleashing Marc’s own brand of hard edged techno with groove, a style which hinted at his pre-techno love of thrash metal, rock and punk.

His skill with techno has taken him all over the world to perform. From the UK to France, Italy, Poland, Germany, Canada, Venezuela, Australia and even Brazil, once playing a gig there to mark the country’s triumphant appearance in the football World Cup Final in 2002.

He makes music in his studio with a combination of classic analogue synths / drum machines / hardware and modern digital gear. Here he has worked closely on projects over the years with artists like Chris Liberator and Lenny Dee.

As well as producing techno, Marc has continually worked outside the genre, notably when he played synths, guitar for Def By Disco, a dub label called Wemoodswing, The Nexus Twins Smash The Box and others.



Now into 2018 and after relocating the studio back in Hackney I'm back in the swing and got lots of projects on the go, working on a new epic release for Stay Up Forever with Chris Liberator as well as getting my live set on the road.

I first performed the live set at the amazing Acid Punk Royale in a castle in Sardinia in September 2017 next up is showcasing it at Tekno Value in The Black Swan in Bristol on 27/01/18 so get down there to see it in full effect.

For DJ or Live set bookings send a requesting using the contact form.